Our Project

DigiDrop Technologies is Currently working on the Cogent Management System for CGT 411/450. The Cogent Management System controls cogent for all CGT 411/450 students. The current system is flawed with functionality issues and limited features. Digidrop Technologies will be working on fixing these issue first, then implementing new features. One important feature this semester will be the addition of company stocks. The layout and design will also be recreated for usability. If you have any questions about the Cogent Management System, or how to use the site, take a look at our FAQ page or contact us.

Problem Statement

Current functionality of the COGENT Management System contains many technical errors, lacks a proper method for tracking and creating stocks, and needs to be expanded to fully meet the expectations of a packaged, standalone product.

Research Statement

How will the testing of the current COGENT Management System in a process identical to that used by a software production company for testing aide in the overhaul of issues within the site?

Elevator Statement

The Cogent Management Site was developed for students in the department of Technology and Purdue University, specifically those majoring in Computer Graphics Technology. Current students, as well as alumni of the department need a more effective and efficient method of organizing and participating in cogent opportunities. The new version developed by DigiDrop Technologies will address not only the technical issues with the previous iteration of this technology as well as seek to include stock market functionality, a re-purposed and more efficient design, and the foundation for future integration with CGT Connect.


Through correction of current issues within the COGENT Management system and the inclusion of new functionality, the COGENT Management System will be ready to be released outside of the Computer Graphics Technology department.