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Cogent Management System

Cogent Management System

The Cogent Management System is an information system that is developed and used by CGT students, alumni, and instructors alike. The current implementation of the Cogent Management system is incomplete and lacks usability. Our goal is to redesign the interface of the system and improve functionality.

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Cogent Management System Problem

The Problem

Currently, the Cogent Management System has technical functionality deficits, making the site difficult to operate.

Additionally CGT 411's stock market has no functional online presence. DigiDrop Technologies hopes to rectify this by implementing a stock system into the a newly improved Cogent Management site.

Our Services

Our Current Project

DigiDrop Technologies is currently researching the usability and functionality of the Cogent Management System. Through our research, we have found many areas that need improvement

Additionally, our client has asked us to create a fully functional stock system with the current site.

Web Design & Development

About Us

DigiDrop Technologies is a leading web design company in the greater Lafayette Area, offering an array of services to our diverse clientele across the globe.

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